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About us

OMC & CO is a company founded with the intention of the company to meet the growing needs of the Baltic market for quality food products that are offered at a reasonable price. OMC & CO's Executive Board has been monitoring and researching the Baltic economies for more than 20 years and, thanks to close cooperation with Spanish manufacturers, could offer a great range of products at a very attractive price (affordable price).

OMC & CO was created and started operating when other companies went bankrupt and closed down because our executives have taken advantage of negative economic factors, such as their advantages. OMC & CO will develop and grow both in Latvia and abroad, as the current difficult times and economic insecurity are a good start to fulfilling our idea and improving the company's operations. This will help us become even more competitive and meet the needs of our customers; let's turn reality into our idea, thus giving quality goods a favorable price.

Spanish food and delicacies are the main objects of JSC “OMC & CO”.

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